The Peaceful Project

The Peaceful Project endeavors to reach the under- served population, guiding them to discover, honor, and live their unique life's purpose, peacefully, powerfully and responsibly.

The Peaceful Project is extraordinarily effective in eliminating the bully/victim paradigm, replacing it with responsible and harmonious community.  We recognize that true power can only occur through cooperation and cannot be forced. By helping all, especially the youth of today to uncover and express feelings and thoughts they may not even know are affecting them, we are often able to assist them in understanding and altering the bully/victim paradigm.  This level of personal responsibility puts one's magnificence in action.

The Peaceful Project provides an avenue for those who would like to make charitable contributions in order to sponsor individuals or groups to attend courses or workshops to do so in a tax-deductible way. We currently have programs in many different cities coast to coast. The Peaceful Project actively seeks grant funds as well, so if you are a group with a desire for personal development training, contact us to see if we can meet your needs.

Our Executive Director, Maggie Macaulay can assist you at 954-483-8021 or

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"Life is not about getting and having. Life is about being and becoming."



"What I observed in the classes were positive interactions with youth who typically are very difficult to reach. I also observed the youth being challenged to think of other perspectives on how to handle the situations they face everyday. This program had great value because it provided, among other things, a forum for those two interactions. The projects were impressive in the fact that many of the youth have probably never been challenged to think about community and their role in the community in that way. Getting the boys to start where they were and get to an end that had community goals in mind was an accomplishment. This program was a different approach and its freshness was much needed and very appropriate for our facility."

Nathan Graves
Activity Coordinator - City of St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center