Our mission is to assist people to discover, honor and express their magnificence!

What is magnificence: Magnificence and its expression are so much more than that feeling you get when things turn out the way you want them to. Magnificence is also so much more than that moment of experiencing your greatness, although that is magnificent too. Magnificence is that moment when you feel afraid while saying or doing something that you KNOW is in your best interest. Magnificence is that moment you feel angry and don't hurt someone but instead treat him or her with firm kindness. Magnificence is also when you feel hurt and you allow yourself to FEEL your feelings from your tender heart rather than only tell someone how he or she hurt you.  So when you experience humility in the face of magnificence, you are allowing yourself to overcome arrogance. These are lofty goals requiring commitment, dedication and a lot of practice.

Everyone that attends a course or receives coaching has that commitment & dedication and we will guide you there.

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Upcoming Courses

Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Self Reliance - An Advanced Mastery Session


St. Louis, MO

Freedom to Be - An Embracing Life Experience


Saint Louis, MO

Remembrance Course - A Journey to Magnificence


Chatsworth (LA County), CA