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The Quest Retreat

Imagine you, an ordinary person—leaving the land of familiar— on the quest to the Big Dream. Everyone has a dream. Everyone, also, IS the dream. We only need to have the courage to honor ourselves enough to leave behind the familiar, face our giants and travel to the sanctuary of your Big Dream.

The quest, in the form of the Hero’s Journey; the hero sets forth from the world of common day into a land where adventures, tests, and magical rewards are found. The Quest Retreats for 2016 will be to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in July and Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in October, in pursuit of the Dream and the Dreamer as One.

The dates for Rocky Mountains of Colorado are Thursday, July 7 at 9am-Sunday, July 10 at noon. The dates for Lake Winnipeg are Thursday, October 24 at 9am-Sunday, October 27 at noon.

Call 636.262.8819 to discuss the program further.  *Must be paid in full prior to the session. Click here to enroll.


"The Quest is the epitome of taking care of the Self. During a solitary walk, with the sunlight filtering down to me through the trees and the mountainous ridges creating images in my mind, I heard loudly, "Slow down." My past argued with this idea as I wanted to catch up with the others, to be part of the group, to reach the finish line - the vortex. My soul would have none of it. So I sat on the rock that had been prepared and placed there as my throne, giving me the opportunity to sit in and with the stillness. As I quieted my thoughts, time disappeared and I began hearing and seeing more and more. The birds and their songs, the leaves and their colors, the trees and their knowing of the past, the grandeur of the mountains and their nooks and crevices, and the occasional voice of jubilation emitted from another being. The breeze caressed my face and I notice moistness on my cheeks - the sheer beauty of this place and everything in it - including me. Two years later, these messages are a part of who I am and they became so because of the Quest. I notice more, appreciate more, listen more, and slow down more. The Quest propelled my awareness and exponentially accelerated me to gain clarity of what is important to me and to take action. The Quest is a gift of living life."

Francesca H., Tallahassee, FL