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The Couples Retreat

A Gift for Your Relationship

Would you like your love relationship to be a masterpiece? Give yourself and your partner a wonderful gift by spending a weekend entirely focusing on your love relationship!

For both couples who desire a positive start or want to avoid painful patterns from past relationships and for those couples in a long-term loving, comfortable relationship that want to build even stronger bonds; this course gives insight, tools that increase understanding and can light the fuse to even more passion. Even if you have an incredible relationship, this course experience will improve it. Everyone in a love relationship, whether it is in a dormant phase or harmonious, can benefit from the insights and delights of this course experience.

During the retreat, you will create a “Safe Harbor” where you can see, feel, and understand how your partner sees the world such that he/she can honestly and openly discuss how he/she feels about anything—and you have the safety and freedom to do the same. During the retreat, you may stretch your capacity for delight in your relationship, and in every moment of your life. You will gain the tools to make all your interactions into delightful experiences. We will assist you in gaining insight, understanding, and empathy about what motivates your partner as well as examine and overcome issues. During the retreat, you will learn and practice a tool that can totally eliminate conflict and disarm any potentially difficult situation.

Finally, vitally important—you will learn to appreciate your partner and develop the ability to align your happiness with making your partner’s life easier. The Couples Retreat is a true retreat. At the end of the experience you will feel refreshed, reconnected and energized.

The course experience hours are: Friday - 7pm-approx. 10:30pm; Saturday - 9am-approx. 10pm; Sunday - 9am-approx 7pm.  There will be plenty of breaks.

Total cost of the current program varies depending upon location and lodging costs. Click here to enroll


"My wife and I attended The Couples Retreat last year. We explored areas of our relationship from new and exciting angles. We discovered a deeper level of truth for both of us, we explored the path to living our extraordinary relationship and with the help of Larry & Bobbi came up with a fun, easy and effective game plan to help us grow our marriage in a happy and healthy manner. WE walked in this class in love with each other, we danced out of the class understanding how to make love an action not just a feeling. Thank you guys, you rock.....and so does our marriage!!"

Phil & Vanessa B., Del Mar, CA