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Freedom to Be - An Embracing Life Experience

An Embracing Life Experience

Why do even responsible people do things that contradict their stated values? For example: do you state that love and respect are very important in a relationship and then find yourself fighting or arguing?

The Freedom to Be experience will teach you innovative concepts that explain why. The training provides you with tools to feel and act based upon your stated values. You will also learn and practice unique ways of being empathetic to others, by learning the process of blame, how to let go of blaming and to knowing what to do when you are being blamed. You will discover how to be even more self reliant and to release self imposed limitations including those times when you feel like a victim. By becoming acutely aware of what underlies your actions, you can become comfortable with all aspects of yourself and of others which allows you to see yourself and others truthfully and with great compassion. By connecting with your deepest intentions to love and be loved you will experience a new sense of freedom and power to create the relationships you desire.

The course experience hours are: Friday - 7pm-approx. 10:30pm; Saturday - 9am-approx. 10pm; Sunday - 9am-approx 7pm.  There will be plenty of breaks.

Total cost of the current program is $395 payable in full prior to beginning the program. To consult with someone about the program, call 636.262.8819.  Click here to enroll.


"The work of this company inspires people to take the steps to make their dreams a reality. Often people are unable to effectively move forward in their lives or to take those steps, big or small, because limiting belief patterns stand in the way. They approach change with hesitancy or fear. This is where the Your Infinite Life courses are of supreme benefit. "Your vision is our mission" - the company's motto - reflects the value this company places on being in service to others."

Maggie Macaulay, Educator, FL