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The Remembrance Course - A Journey to Magnificence


Would you like to experience yourself in magnificent ways?

At The Remembrance Course, you will be given the time to focus on yourself, and discover competencies and gifts within yourself that will assist you in getting what you most desire from life by way of unleashing your innate magnificence. You will develop the courage and insight to take the steps-or a leap-by becoming aware of limiting beliefs you have been operating from that have unknowingly been preventing you from seeing yourself through your greater vision. Once you are aware of the limiting beliefs, you will form new ones along with ideas and choices to achieve your greater goals.

The Remembrance Course-A Journey to Magnificence provides accelerated pathways to help you more easily and quickly gain positive insight, arrive at new conclusions, and take new actions, leading to greater ease and effectiveness in achieving your goals.

The course experience hours are: Friday - 7pm-approx. 10:30pm; Saturday - 9am-approx. 10pm; Sunday - 9am-approx 7pm.  There will be plenty of breaks.


"As a marriage and family therapist with a master's degree in clinical psychology, I have always known that there was a better way than the traditional "sit down and talk about your problems therapy." I had suspected that therapy was not necessarily the way of promoting lasting experiential tools. In all my years of searching, I have never found a program of change that worked as fast or was as thorough as The Remembrance Courseā„¢. I came out of that course, knowing myself better and genuinely loving who I am."

Roberta Burton, Ph.D, FL