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Corporate, School & Sports Team Services

Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company’s team of instructors design and produce course experiences and workshops focusing on the development of the human potential. Their unique and fresh approach provides participants with the experience of going beyond their previously perceived potential.

Their goal is to provide individuals and companies with profound learning experiences that will enhance their ability to create greater effectiveness in all types of relationships and experiences. In addition, to assist people in connecting to their unique magnificence as well as how they will express that in their daily lives—whether at home or work or school or on the team. To accomplish this, the facilitation team, empowers people to revise their intentions and develop the level of commitment necessary for them to base their decisions on an attitude of cooperation, collaboration and investing in the success of the entire team.

All courses are customized to meet the needs of the participants, organization, school or company. This customization is based on the personal goals of the participants and/or the goals of the leader of the company or organization. Research has shown that experience provides deeper learning. Therefore, the course experiences and workshops provide a combination of plenary sessions and experiential exercises.

Participants are encouraged and inspired to learn more about themselves and the impact they have on others and to challenge their personal limitations and beliefs. The Instructors will make sure that their students are prepared to take on higher levels of responsibilities and to see more possibilities. The participants are in charge of the depth of their learning experience. At the end of every learning experience the participants will feel inspired to implement their new skills in their professional and personal life.

Sports Empowerment

Sports workshops in general tend to focus on the physical aspects of the sport and the athlete engaged in such sport. Today, many teams and coaches are investing valuable time into the psychological benefits aligned with sports and how it applies to an athlete’s overall performance. The blending of the physical and psychological components has been successful all the way from Junior Leagues to pro teams.

Your Infinite Life’s team of instructors offer an even more multi-faceted perspective on Sports Empowerment by melding the aspects of the physical, psychological, mental and metaphysical. (Meta•phys•i•cal – of or relating to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses)

Each of the Sports Empowerment workshops is custom-made in accordance with the sport team’s needs or area of struggle. Depending on the topic, the workshops take from 4 hours up to 2 days. The overall purpose of a workshop is either to teach a topic, to create interest and awareness, or, to reinforce skills that are already applied and work for the team. Due to the proactive approach, the instructors teach coaches and teammates to anticipate areas of difficulty that could potentially surface, while offering the tools to handle those moments.

For further information, please contact Pam at 636.262.8819.

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