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  • Personal Enrichment Services

    • Wonder Child Experience/Access Deeper Intuition

    • The Remembrance Course - A Journey to Magnificence Shabbaton

    • Jewish Leadership Seminar

    • The Remembrance Course - A Journey to Magnificence

    • Freedom to Be - An Embracing Life Experience

    • The Couples Retreat

    • Confidence Coaching Session

    • The Quest Retreat

  • Advanced Level Mastery Services

  • Corporate, School & Sports Team Services

Personal Enrichment Services

The various Personal Services coursework offers uniquely designed experiences that enrich the lives of individuals, couples, families and groups by connecting them to their dreams, desires and passions through their innate magnificence, which allows them to live the purpose-full life they were meant to live!

At this course you will be given the time to focus on yourself, and discover competencies and gifts within yourself, as well as what is in the way of expressing those gifts - and that will assist you in getting what you most desire from life by way of unleashing your innate magnificence.

The Freedom to Be experience will teach you innovative concepts that provides you with tools to feel and act based upon your stated values. By connecting to your deepest intentions to love and be loved you will experience a new sense of freedom and power to create the relationships you desire. 

For both couples who desire a positive start or want to avoid painful patterns from past relationships and for those couples in a long-term loving, comfortable relationship that want to build even stronger bonds.

This once a year opportunity provides unique learning environments and a learning that will provide mastery in your life mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Confidence Coaching is one-on-one private coaching, with a certified coach, to assist you in discovering and maximizing your full potential. 

Sometimes a moment of clear understanding can change our perspective so profoundly that we see the world and our life completely differently, in a beautiful way.

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"I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk."

Tony Robbins