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Confidence Coach Certification

Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company is proud and privileged to provide a coaching certification program that will produce coaches who inspire their clients to be, to do and to have all they have ever desired.

Our Confidence Coach Certification program trains coaches to listen actively, ask powerful questions and be compassionately direct. The certification process produces confident coaches who create confident clients. This confidence is vital to the realization of our clients’ dreams.

All Confidence Coaches will be required to attend the following training sessions required by all of our facilitators. These sessions are the skills that will create the coach having the competencies needed to assist the client to discover, honor and confidently express their unique life’s purpose.


Commitment Chart Concepts – This session gives you the opportunity to spend the time necessary to visualize how you will choose to express yourself in the world. You will then develop more clarity and details concerning your purpose and its mission.  Through the use of our core tool - The Commitment Chart - you will learn practical and applicable ways to stay on track with your greatest vision for your life. 

Influencing Skills – We are always influencing. We influence those with whom we interact, we influence our bodies and our minds, and we influence our environment. Beyond the obvious, our influence is like a pebble tossed in the water. The consequences of our actions radiate outward like the ripples in the water, affecting people in ways that we may never fully appreciate. There is both power and responsibility in our ability to influence. Learn the art of influencing consciously what you desire. Also, you will develop your ability to influence through the use of your intuition.

Assessment Skills – Use proven and practical coaching moves that deepen the facilitator’s ability in the moment to listen to the client situation and gain a deeper understanding the client’s goals and intentions. Develop more effective powerful questions that can move the client into deeper awareness, learning, commitment and action. Increase the clarity of the information for the client in a way that the client can better understand “what happened” and be more empowered to take action.

Image and Acceptance – Explore your individual perception of yourself, including the “why.” Throughout the program you will increase your level of acceptance and depth of love while developing detachment. The session will focus on feeling your own magnificence for the purpose of inspiration. Be prepared to release non-productive labels you have given yourself or received from others.

Learning and Protection – The facilitators learn the concepts of: “Protection” (not able to shift awareness and “stuck” in a single frame of reference) versus “Learning” (able to shift awareness and develop insights and alternative frames of reference that create transformational change). Emphasis is placed on helping the facilitators understand and recognize what “learning” looks and feels like, and how it opens their students to self exploration and ability to realize the full benefit of the facilitated session.

Self Reliance – This session is one of the most powerful components of this program. It delves into the concept of self-reliance and one’s ability to make decisions or take action independent of fears, past experiences and limitations. Participants will begin to experience how much of their lives are being shaped by limiting beliefs and a sense of fear and scarcity. Breaking through these mistaken beliefs creates power and freedom throughout one’s life.

Bypass/Power/Empathy Concepts – This tool is the key to any and all conflict resolutions.  Participants will learn the concepts and practice this tool for the purpose of knowing true detachment from fear, the amazing power of influence, and the ability to have the closeness and intimacy desired for all types of relationships.

The Coach Certification program will continue with two intensive sessions dedicated to putting the above skills to use and how to do that with the coaching client. We follow the core competencies dedicated through International Coach Federation.

For further information, please contact headquarters at (636) 262-8819.


"I realized it has been 10 years since I took my first course. It began a profound journey for me. With my new found connections and information I wanted my world outside the course to mirror the capacity for love, respect, acceptance, safety, sharing, open communication, removal of protections. I notice as I look back that this is exactly what I have done. I have made my life like the course room - supportive, encouraging, honest, open, loving, direct, efficient, filled with music and connected deeply to others."

Dana Kuebler, GA