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Coaching Overview

These sessions are designed for those who want to integrate and expand on the experiences and understandings you already have, as well as explore new possibilities. The sessions are particularly helpful if you are experiencing new challenges or current changes happening in your life.

Is one-on-one private coaching, with a certified coach, to assist you in discovering and maximizing your full potential.

A coaching certification program that will produce coaches who inspire their clients to be, to do and to have all they have ever desired.


"As a marriage and family therapist with a master's degree in clinical psychology, I have always known that there was a better way than the traditional "sit down and talk about your problems therapy." I had suspected that therapy was not necessarily the way of promoting lasting experiential tools. In all my years of searching, I have never found a program of change that worked as fast or was as thorough as The Remembrance Courseā„¢. I came out of that course, knowing myself better and genuinely loving who I am."

Roberta Burton, Ph.D, FL