If you are looking for a workshop for your group or team, I would like to talk with you to discover what your needs and goals are.  From there I can develop a workshop that fits all those goals and needs.

We do have standard formats as well:


  • Bringing Your Life into Balance
  • How to Handle Difficulties with Grace and Ease
  • Taking Charge of Your Thoughts
  • The Courage to Be Imperfect
  • Removing Stress from Your Life
  • How to Know What is in Your Best Interest
  • Leadership Skills
  • Practical, Everyday Parenting Tips for all Ages
  • Determination vs. Power Struggles
  • Turning Criticism into Power

Plus much more, again, including dealing with your unique situations, challenges and questions.

Contact Pam or the Your Infinite Life staff at for more information.



"I’m amazed at the positive results I’ve manifested in less than one week. This is POWERFUL! I practiced your lesson on “intention” and received 2 job offers within the same day. You have a natural ability to explain and really communicate soul to soul to help people get unstuck and reach the goals they set for themselves. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who wants results with lightening speed to do this tape series!"

June Watts - Tallahassee, Florida