Its time to look insideTake a truly transformative journey of exploration along with author Pamela Dunn, when you read It’s Time To Look Inside. Begin to see yourself and everyone in your life though the lens of magnificence by learning to cultivate open heartedness. Examine the bully/victim paradigm and learn how to recognize the innate goodness in yourself and others to break this ugly, destructive and dangerous cycle. You’ll learn specific and proven ways to shed old ways of viewing the world and your place in it and integrate new ways of operating. Discover, honor and learn to identify magnificence in those that express the opposite and learn how to treat yourself and others more compassionately.

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Journey to Your Soul’s Magnificence is a 365-day experiential book (audio book and print workbook), divided into 52 weeks of self-contained yet integrated exercises that serves as a practical guide for awakening the innate gifts within, attaining enlightenment on many levels. Many books allude to the process of awakening, yet few offer practical, step-by-step ways in which to experience it.

The book is an audio experience of discovery. It is portable and downloadable to all the latest technological audio gadgets. Download it to your iPod or Smartphone and experience a new and exciting path to your magnificence. 


"I’m amazed at the positive results I’ve manifested in less than one week. This is POWERFUL! I practiced your lesson on “intention” and received 2 job offers within the same day. You have a natural ability to explain and really communicate soul to soul to help people get unstuck and reach the goals they set for themselves. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who wants results with lightening speed to do this tape series!"

June Watts - Tallahassee, Florida


"This program is my weekly companion on the path to peace. I am already experiencing profound shifts in my thoughts and actions. Pam's session on "community" provided an especially profound lesson. It has helped me to organize my thinking to become even more determined to empty myself of the need to control and replace it with faith."

Eric Draper, Senior Vice President
National Audubon Society