About Your Infinite Life

Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company is a personal development and coach certification organization. We offer coaching and training experiences that enhance your relationships with others while expanding your levels of compassion and magnificence, empowering you to create more of the life you desire. Course experiences are offered in several formats that fit family, work, and other commitments.

Our vision is to foster a global attitude of cooperation, peace and unity. Your Infinite Life provides learning experiences for the purpose of inspiring people to discover, honor and express their magnificence.

We say that your vision is our mission—which means we serve as a bridge for you to discover and express your most magnificent life!

We believe that immersing yourself in an intensely loving, compassionate learning environment with a variety of unique tools is the best way to actually make the changes you desire.

What makes us special

Our courses provide learning experiences through a creative blend of stimulating ideas, feedback, challenging experiences and empathetic support. The student community that develops during each course supports each other in deep and profound ways in addition to learning from one another too.

We are dedicated to supporting participants’ follow-up and continued learning. You can come back, to any city world-wide, to assist in the courses you have taken. A wide range of course topics, as well as coaching and support materials, are available to expand and support your learning.

Your Infinite Life also serves the under served by offering our training and coaching through our non-profit division, The Peaceful Project. www.ThePeacefulProject.org 

About our effectiveness

We consistently generate great results and enthusiastic testimonials from fulfilled participants. We use our feedback to continually improve the quality of our course experiences and add new courses and workshops in response to our clients desires and the changing times.

Your Infinite Life Instructors and Coaches are trained to hold five responsibilities when facilitating:

  • Cover all course materials in an eloquent, colorful and entertaining fashion
  • Ensure that what participants hear and understand is consistent with what is actually taught
  • Deliver the workshop tools in such a way that the participant can and does live what has been taught after completing the training
  • Be dedicated to the maintenance of students' learning by informing them of the value and possibilities for ongoing development
  • Encourage participants to expand their social interest and cooperation with others to increase the satisfaction they derive from life

Most of our clients are referred by previous students who found their experience so valuable that they suggest it to their friends, family, neighbors and work associates.

If you want more information or to talk with someone - go to our Contact Us tab, complete it and someone will reach out.  You can also send an email to info@yourinfinitelifeonline.com or call 636-262-8819.

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"The last of human freedoms - the ability to choose one's attitude in a given set of circumstances."

Viktor Frankl