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The Peaceful Project endeavors to reach the underserved population, guiding them to discover, honor, and live their unique life's purpose, peacefully, powerfully and responsibly.

The Peaceful Project is extraordinarily effective in eliminating the bully/victim paradigm, replacing it with responsible and harmonious community. We recognize that true power can only occur through cooperation and cannot be forced. By helping all, especially the youth of today to uncover and express feelings and thoughts they may not even know are affecting them, we are often able to assist them in understanding and altering the bully/victim paradigm. This level of personal responsibility puts one's magnificence in action.

The Peaceful Project provides an avenue for those who would like to make charitable contributions in order to sponsor individuals or groups to attend courses or workshops to do so in a tax-deductible way. We currently have programs in many different cities coast to coast. The Peaceful Project actively seeks grant funds as well, so if you are a group with a desire for personal development training, contact us to see if we can meet your needs.


The Peaceful Project Program is designed to give young men and women an experience of the often-unexpected POWER of peace in their lives. The Program, usually comprised of 8 weekly 2-hour work-shops (however we can adjust to meet your needs), is a means by which participants identify and practice acting from their core values. They feel the benefit of caring, and experience the power and strength of operating from their inner wisdom. Following this experience, participants will continue with the inner knowledge and the experience of choosing peaceful interactions or learning from their mistakes.

When using the program with 'at risk' youth - What kind of difference could it make to a young man or woman- a teen- to have the emotional resources that enable them to live both powerfully and peacefully? When a young person witnesses people continually turn to violence, substance abuse, or crime, he or she is at risk of believing that those choices are the only ones available. When young men and women gain the knowledge that at any time, and with any choice, there are better and more powerful options, they are able to turn away from violence, drugs and crime and toward putting their magnificent self in action.

Our Community in Unity Program is designed for students, teachers, parents and staff in a school environment and culture. This program allows for interactions creating personal responsibility, collaboration, leadership and empowerment. This atmosphere proactively supports the student population to look at and address concerns and issues before they reach a serious stage. This effort in turn supports teachers and staff to create the learning environment conducive to high test scores and efficient productivity.

We have also adjusted our Your Infinite Life programs to meet the needs of various groups.


The Peaceful Project Foundation is a means by which you can make a charitable contribution to the program of your choosing or to the organization as a whole. You may choose to make a donation toward funding a Peaceful Project Program, Community in Unity Program or any other specially designed training through The Peaceful Project.

Know that your contribution funds a magnificence movement: a movement where every person discovers, honors, and lives their unique life's purpose: their Magnificence. It makes this experience available to all people, independent of their financial possibilities.

The Peaceful Project is a nonprofit 501(C)(3), therefore, your contribution is tax deductible. You will receive a receipt from The Peace-ful Project for your donation.

Ready to contribute? You can use PayPal under the email - or reach out to Maggie at 954-483-8021.