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Have you noticed certain behaviors or recurring problems that, even though you have tried everything you know, still continue to creep into your life? Then this is a pivotal moment in time to take the opportunity to finally heal an old wound, whether you are aware of the wound or not.

This transformational workshop will leave you encouraged to be a fuller expression of your unique contribution of magnificence in the world! This is the transformation from the wound to the wonder.

You will be given the time and space to learn about different aspects of yourself. You will discover what aspects serve your hopes and dreams and what aspects serve the wound. This perspective will require letting go and reclaiming the wonder that intrinsically resides within each of us.

Releasing and healing what no longer serves your brilliance, letting go of the source behind internal negative talk, and reclaiming the wondrous aspect within, will guide you to faith in yourself, confidence to take action, and determination to achieve your dreams.

"Strange as it may seem to you, there exists a mystic power that is able to transform your life... This extraordinary power, mystic though I have rightly called it, is nevertheless very real, and actually the most practical thing there is. The existence of this power is already well known to thousands of people in the world today, and has been known to certain enlightened souls for tens of thousands of years. This power is really no less than the primal power of being, and to discover that power is the divine birthright of all. It is your right and your privilege to make your contact with this power, and to allow it to work through your body and mind, so that you need no longer grovel upon the ground amid limitations and difficulties, but can soar up on wings like an eagle."– Emmett Fox in Power Through Constructive Thinking

The Wonder Child weekend will allow you to experience this power, and will provide the safety and insights needed to re-connect to and access the part of yourself that:

  • Believes anything is possible and courageously sets out to accomplish it.
  • Sees the purity and truth of oneself and the world around them.
  • Loves completely, and unconditionally.
  • Experiences true and complete happiness and see the wisdom, beauty and innocence that surrounds you.

  • Re-connecting with the wonder child within you is a personal and profound journey back to the very essence of your being. It will open up the purest version of who you are. You will discover that your truth and strength resides within and by tapping into it, you will find an increase in self-confidence, your ability to give and receive love more completely, and the ability to be, do and have the life you desire.


  • The Wonder Child Experience is led by Pam Dunn and takes place over two and a half days starting Friday at 7 pm with completion on Sunday by 3 pm.
  • The cost for this weekend is $345 including all course materials, snacks and drinks. Not included are hotel stay if needed, meals and transportation.
  • After signing up you, will receive an information packet with detailed information on location, how to prepare and what to bring.

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