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When students develop the ability to take personal responsibility for their behavior, well-being, and self-esteem, the entire atmosphere of the classroom becomes safe, empowered and engaged.

Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company's programs for schools are designed to create community with all students, teachers and staff, allowing for interactions that enhance personal responsibility, collaboration, equality and leadership. This atmosphere proactively supports students to look at and address concerns and issues before they reach a critical point. This, in turn, supports faculty and staff to create a learning environment conducive to eliciting the best results and efficient productivity.

Our workshops are experiential in nature and foster inclusivity, and social/emotional growth. The workshop's structure will be based on the unique needs of the community as well as the observations made during the workshops. Issues to be discussed and managed are: friendships, stress, emotions, anxieties, loss, transitions, healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms, typical and not-so-typical teenage issues, responsibility and leadership. We believe in talking with students, not talking at them. During our workshops, we encourage and teach students to be self-reliant, taking learning and the responsibility for that learning into their own hands, as well as to be responsible for their own self-esteem. After the workshops, students and faculty/staff will be supported in the following ways:

  • Practical and applicable tools are used during the workshops. Students will be taught how to use those tools in their own post workshop
  • Students will learn coaching techniques to hold themselves and friends accountable
  • Our staff will be available to school staff for consultation
  • We always provide a follow up coaching call with faculty/staff as a means to identify successes and how to assist with challenges
  • Website access for additional readings, support and tools


  • Determine their individual core value system and how live from that
  • Eliminate and go beyond the bully/victim/bystander paradigm
  • Become responsible for their own self esteem and sense of self
  • Develop responsibility for how to treat themselves and others
  • Learn how to fulfill the basic needs of being loved and cared about, powerful, valuable and that they belong wherever they are
  • Discover how to effectively coach each other to be their own magnificent selves
  • Feel feelings vs. projecting or making others responsible for them
  • Learn how to effectively set boundaries from their core value system
  • Find alternatives to aggression as a bully or passiveness as a victim
  • Understand intention and commitment and the learn how to take responsibility forholding their own
  • Learn how to face fears with authentic power and strength
  • Understand the personal limiting belief process and how to move beyond
  • Discover and learn effective and empowering communication tools to get what they want
  • Understand the difference between fixed and growth mindsets and redirect to growth
  • Build self confidence and group confidence
  • Develop the ability to listen compassionately


  • Ability to spend more time on curriculum and less time on classroom management
  • Operate in an inspirational school community that supports each learner so that everyone can learn and grow together
  • Communicate with a common language created to address social and emotional problems in a respectful manner
  • Experience their own magnificence as a result of being able to spend more time on teaching and administrating to students

    Our workshops are always customized to foster the specific needs of the school. Before we present a proposal, we conduct interviews and class visits, if appropriate. We work within your school's budget because we believe that delivering this message is vital to the development of healthy and inclusive school environments where students, faculty and administrative staff feel supported and empowered to be the best they can be.

    Important Note:
    We are trained and experienced to deal with and immerse ourselves in diverse environments, to include, race, religion and sexual orientation. This also includes hostile environments. We can diffuse these issues while facing them.

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