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The common trait of great leaders is an eagerness to continually evaluate, improve and renew their leadership. An essential part of leadership and talent development is skill focused one-on-one coaching. We assist business leaders and executives to further develop their social, emotional and communicative leadership skills.

How do we work?
We conduct a thorough interview to make sure we engage a coach for each client that best matches the needs of the client, the company, and the stated objectives.
Executive and Leadership Coaching starts with establishing a relationship, determining goals and a framework for working together. Sessions will bring (increased) awareness to the root cause of ineffective areas and gaps establishing a focus for coaching, as well as allowing for shifts in growth along the way that create fundamental changes. The desired behavioral changes will result in more expanded leadership capacities that meet and/or exceed objectives, thereby enhancing personal and company growth.

Some of the many benefits:

  • Develop self-reliance and sustainable change in the area of stated development
  • Eliminate and/or redirect behaviors and their patterns that disrupt leadership and executive function in order to become even more effective and efficient
  • Develop capabilities of high potential performers
  • Become better at coaching those that work for you
  • Tackle difficult issues in a private, confidential and objective manner

  • The Specifics
    The program can span over any period of time from one session to a series. Coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes long. If preferred the coach can visit in the workplace or schedule an intensive period of time, such as 2-3 days.

    Ready to talk?

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