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Would you like to have the skills and knowledge to achieve the level of mastery that allows you to accomplish goals at a level of leadership you usually only read about? Would it be helpful to master the leadership ability to detach and let go while remaining caring and loving for the purpose of guiding others to operate from their highest abilities?

Your Infinite Life’s Mastery Mentorship Program is a tailor made coaching program designed to assist you in improving all relationships in all areas of your life and creating the life, career, and level of leadership you desire. The Mastery Mentorship Program provides tools to eliminate unproductive behaviors and teaches skills to determine your next steps in life, as well as the ability to let go of all that stands in the way of that goal. Letting go is a key component to mastery and often misunderstood. You will learn to understand this key.

The program spans over a period of 3, 6 or 9 months or a year. Regular coaching sessions will be set up over the agreed upon time and way of connecting (via phone, Skype, or in person). The best scenario is a coaching session every week, however while in the mentorship time frame you will have unlimited access to your coach.
We operate from the quote, 'Once you surrender to your vision, success begins to chase you.' Your objective could be to create balance in and at work/career, play or family. You may desire to have mastery of your feelings/emotions rather than needing to control or manage them. Perhaps to master the art of listening and acting upon your intuition will serve your life. What about the mastery of knowing you are being valuable in your contribution in the world or in your community or family? Your initial session will focus on becoming clear about your vision and goals for your program.

The Mastery Mentorship Program is a great and effective way to continue your learning and discovery after completion of one or more of the courses/trainings offered by Your Infinite Life.


  • The Mastery Mentorship Program is catered to your individual needs and what you are committed to master in your life.
  • The regularity of your coaching sessions will help you to experience positive changes in a short amount of time.
  • Weekly sessions give you the opportunity to practice what has been taught and to get feedback almost immediately.
  • It truly is a personal guide to help you experience life to the fullest.
  • Like a muscle that gets stronger with regular workouts, you will strengthen your dreams and desires for your life through the coaching and collaboration of mentorship.

    If you choose to enroll, the costs are:
    3-month program - $407 per month
    6-month program - $377 per month
    9-month program - $347 per month
    One-year program - $307 per month

    The Mastery Mentorship Program includes a $250 discount to any of The Quest Retreats. The Quest is highly recommended for mentorship participants. If the Quest Retreat isn't something you would like to participate in, you will be given free access to one Advanced Personal Development Training Session of your choice.


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