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Do you feel pressured to figure out what you want to do with your life for the long term? Do the adults in your life seem to want you to always do better than you are currently? Are you challenged with how to manage your emotions or the anxiety you experience? Does dating cause stress or you aren't sure how to choose the right person? Do you find yourself having a hard time saying, No? What about friendships, social media, sports, hobbies, jobs, parents, academics, drugs, alcohol, etc?

These are real life challenges that almost every teen faces at some point. These challenges show up all the while trying to figure out “who am I?” and how do I navigate this world and where do I fit in? As a teen, you don't need to be told what to do! You need to learn to access your intuition, to know how to listen to yourself, to discover what really is in your best interest, and you need to know how amazing and brilliant you are regardless of what anyone else thinks or says, including yourself.

A Journey to Magnificence course experience will provide all the support and tools you need to be able to listen to yourself and your intuition as well as a community who hears, understands, relates and empathizes with you.

Join us to go to the core of your being, identify current challenges and what’s getting in the way of your ability to be happy, self-expressed and successful. You'll be given the tools to manage negative inner dialogue, ask for and get the results you want, develop a strong relationship with yourself and those around you, in addition to being better able to notice and listen to your intuition.


  • The course starts at 7pm on Friday and ends by 6pm on Sunday.
  • Two trained Instructors will you be your guides.
  • There will be an average of 15 student participants plus additional staff.
  • The cost for this life-changing weekend is $295 including all course material, drinks and snacks.
  • After registering, you will receive an information packet with detailed information on location, how to prepare and what to bring. You will also be asked to fill out a Course Information Sheet so that we get to know you before the course starts.

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