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The Instructor Training and Certification program teaches instructor candidates to inspire their participants to be, to do, and to have all they have ever desired. Our program trains instructors to listen actively, ask powerful questions, and to be compassionately direct.

Your Infinite Life Instructors are trained to hold five responsibilities when facilitating:

  • Cover all course materials in an eloquent, skillful, and compelling fashion
  • Ensure that what participants hear and understand is consistent with what is actually taught
  • Deliver the workshop tools in such a way that the participant can and does live what has been taught after completing the training
  • Be dedicated to the maintenance of participants' learning by informing them of the value and possibilities for ongoing development
  • Encourage participants to expand their social interest and cooperation with others to increase the satisfaction they derive from life

  • Our unique experiential methods ensure that the learning is integrated so that the tools can be applied in the participant's life long after the course is complete.

    Every Instructor Training and Certification program begins with 6 Core Competency sessions.
    The Core Competency sessions are:

    1. Influencing Skills - We are always influencing. We influence those with whom we interact, we influence our bodies and our minds, and we influence our environment. Beyond the obvious, our influence is like a pebble tossed in the water. The consequences of our actions radiate outward like the ripples in the water, affecting people in ways that we may never fully appreciate. There is both power and responsibility in our ability to influence. Learn the art of influencing consciously what your client's desire.
    2. Assessment Through Magnificence Skills - Learn to use proven and practical coaching that deepens the coach's ability to listen in the moment, to the situation and gain a deeper understanding of the client's goals and intentions. Develop effective, powerful questions that can move the clients into deeper awareness, learning, commitment and action. Increase the clarity of information for the client in a way that they can better understand 'what happened' and be more empowered to take action.
    3. Power/Empathy/Tone of Voice Concepts – This session combines three extremely powerful concepts all in one! Learn how tone of voice really works to help solidify limiting beliefs and sets us up to expect the same result as our unconscious beliefs would predict. The 'power' segment explores our 'need' to feel strong and powerful and how to channel that into the strength and power of love and vulnerability. Finally, during the 'empathy' portion of the weekend, you will learn how to fine-tune your ability to feel what another must be feeling. This is an extremely effective way to end conflict from close relationships to someone you just met at the grocery store.
    4. Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs – Often we think we are living in alignment with our purpose and passion, but not getting the results we truly want. This session will provide tools to move to a conscious intention of service to magnificence by identifying distractions that prevent your client from producing the results they want, and the tools necessary to move beyond into a new way of behaving. This is a powerful, 'no nonsense' approach that will allow the coach to facilitate breakthroughs in the client's life.
    5. Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Self Reliance - This session is one of the most powerful components of our programs. It delves into the concept of self-reliance at an advanced level – emotionally (how feelings affect), mentally (how thoughts affect), and spiritually (how beliefs can affect) the ability to make decisions or take action independent offears, past experiences and limitations. Self reliance is initiative. Breaking through the limiting beliefs on these three levels that inhibit initiative creates power and freedom throughout life.
    6. Learning and Protection - Coach candidates learn the concepts of: 'Protection' (inability to shift awareness and remaining 'stuck' in a single frame of reference) versus 'Learning' (ability to shift awareness and develop insights and alternative frames of reference that create transformational change). Emphasis is placed on helping the coach candidate understand and recognize what 'learning' looks, sounds and feels like, and how it opens their clients to self-exploration.

    Once the Core Competency Sessions are complete, the instructor candidate will continue with specific sessions for either -
    Remembrance Course - Additional 3 Sessions
    Freedom to Be - Additional 3 Sessions
    Couples Retreat - Additional 3 Sessions

    The specific training will concentrate on what needs to be learned in order to effectively facilitate the specific programs. The Remembrance Course and Freedom to Be training include Coaching Certification.


  • All Instructor Candidates are required to be a student in The Remembrance Course and the Freedom to Be Course. Couples Retreat Instructor Candidates need to attend this course as well. Candidates must complete at least one of these courses before starting their training and complete all before certification.
  • Candidates are expected to assist in all courses at least one time and multiple times in the course they are aiming to teach as learning expands every time.
  • Candidates are expected to be a part of the team that is involved in producing the courses.
  • All Instructor Candidates will receive a total of 12 one-on-one coaching sessions during.
  • After the sessions are completed, the candidates continue their training as follows:
  • One time course manager in the course you are training to teach
  • A minimum of one time Student teaching a course
  • At least two times 'Thirding' along side 2 certified Instructors

  • Once the 'intern' portion is completed and all other requirements are fulfilled, the candidate will graduate and receive his/her certification. There are expectations to remain certified as an Instructor. Being certified does not guarantee teaching opportunities.


  • Instructor Candidate Training can start throughout the year. Sessions will take place in various centers throughout the country. Sessions start on Friday at 9 AM and will be completed on Sunday at 12 PM
  • Costs, includes all course materials - $6500. Monthly payments are welcome over a 12-month period
  • When certified for one course it costs $1070 to be certified in another course.
  • Not included are hotel stay if needed, meals and transportation.
  • After registering, you will receive an information packet with detailed information on your schedule, locations, how to prepare and what to bring.
  • The costs for the mandatory courses are NOT included in the costs for Instructor Training. However, you will receive a discount of $200 per course.
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