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Coach Certification Program
Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company provides a coaching certification program that will produce coaches who inspire their clients to be, to do and to have all they have ever desired, in any and all areas of life.
Our Coach Certification program trains coaches to listen actively, ask powerful questions, assess with equity in mind, and be compassionately direct. The certification process produces confident coaches who create confident clients.
All Coaches will be required to attend the following training sessions. These sessions are the skills that will create the coach having the competencies needed to assist the client to discover, honor and confidently express their unique life’s purpose, as well as accomplish the goals they will set for themselves.


The online sessions are about 2 hours in length, with a session being held almost every week. You are free to complete them at your pace, however they are all required for certification. These sessions are interactive, so your presence with video on, is required.

Four Basic Needs -a key component to understand how people work in order to be loved, cared about, powerful, valuable, and that they belong. You will gain this understanding personally as well as discover how to guide your clients.

Holding Space for Yourself & Others - discover how to be present during any circumstance or situation, while seeing and believing the best in yourself and the best in the others. You will discover how to coach your clients to hold space for themselves and others as well.

Feelings & Empathy - learn our unique perspective about feeling feelings rather than always feeling the need to express them and how empathy can only be truly demonstrated from here.

Open and Closed Communication - this method is a core concept for all of our trainings. You will learn to guide yourself and your clients to creating the space necessary to know when they are closed and shift to an open way of communicating.

Listening Skills - the best coaches are the best because they have mastered the skill of listening beyond techniques and tools.

How to Be Present & Return to Presence - this topic borders on jargon and also seems illusive at times. You will learn how to do this for yourself genuinely and therefore translate to your clients.

Breakthroughs and the Meaning of Magnificence - our signature word, so it will be important and vital for you to embrace and integrate this word into your daily life.

Magnificence Assessment Method - discover how to assess the magnificence of a person even if they are not behaving that way. This method will offer a new way of thinking.

Tone of Voice and Intention - this might seem like an odd combination, however, you will want to access your intuition when you are reading yours and others tone of voice.

Influencing Skills - 2 sessions total -we are always influencing, so beyond the obvious, our influence is like a pebble tossed in the water. The consequences of our actions radiate outward like the ripples in the water, creating an impact. There is power and responsibility in our ability to influence.

Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs - 3 sessions total - another one of our core and key components. This method consists of a total of 3 sessions so that you can develop the ability and confidence to move yourself and others through the limiting beliefs and concepts they or you have about self, life, others.

Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Self Reliance - 2 sessions total -this session delves into the concept of self-reliance at an advanced level - emotionally (how feelings affect), mentally (how thoughts affect), and spiritually (how beliefs affect) the ability to make decisions or take action independent of fears, past experiences, and limitations.

Coach Certification - 2 sessions total - these two sessions are devoted to pulling everything together so that you can be a confident, effective, compassionate and powerful coach.


All Coach Candidates are required to be a student in the following courses:
The Remembrance Course - A Journey to Magnificence
Freedom to Be - An Embracing Life Experience
Communication Mastery (in person or online)
If you need to take any of these during your certification training, the above courses will be at no charge to you. For courses you have already taken, you will receive a $100 gift certificate to be shared with anyone you choose.

All Coach Candidates will receive a total of twelve (12) one-on-one scheduled coaching sessions during your training.

You will receive ongoing, regular communication about enhancements, changes, additional learning, as well as discovering everything inside of the business as we are transparent.

Supportive coaching is available anytime during your training and after certification.

Access to in-person Advanced Personal Development Sessions are available as long as you remain certified. Access to online training sessions are available when space is available.

Free access to all group coaching calls. These calls are designed to raise questions and challenges, as well as tips for coaching clients.

Once you are certified, if you wish to facilitate and deliver workshops in-person or online, you will be given access and training to 15 different topics.

COSTS - includes all course materials - $6,500.
monthly payments are welcome over a 12 month period

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