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After you have experienced one of our weekend courses you might be eager to go further and deeper. We have developed six Advanced Personal Development sessions that will help you on your journey of self-discovery, development and mastery on all levels.


Influencing Skills - We are always influencing. We influence those with whom we interact, we influence our bodies and our minds, and we influence our environment. Beyond the obvious, our influence is like a pebble tossed in the water. The consequences of our actions radiate outward like the ripples in the water, affecting people in ways that we may never fully appreciate. There is both power and responsibility in our ability to influence. Learning the art of influencing consciously is an incredibly powerful tool in life and work.

Assessment Through Magnificence Skills - Learn to use proven and practical coaching skills that deepen your ability to listen with empathy and support and gain a deeper understanding of the goals and intentions of those you are working with as well as yourself. You will develop effective questioning skills to guide participants/clients to deeper awareness, learning and commitment to growth. Learn the skill of clarifying information and learning in such a way that those you are working with can better understand 'what happened' and be more empowered to take action.

Power/Empathy/Tone of Voice Concepts– This session combines three powerful concepts. You will learn how tone of voice impacts and solidifies limiting beliefs and sets us up to expect the same result, as our unconscious beliefs would predict. The 'power' segment explores our 'need' to feel strong and powerful, how we often ineffectively fill that need, and how to channel that need into the genuine strength and power of love and vulnerability. Finally, during the 'empathy' portion of the weekend, you will learn how to fine-tune your ability to deeply feel what another must be feeling. This is an extremely effective way to end all conflicts; from your closest relationships to someone you just met. In addition to delving into these concepts for yourself, you will learn how to effectively coach and facilitate these three concepts.

Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs – Often we think we are living in alignment with our purpose and passion, and wonder why we can't seem to get our desired results. This session will provide the necessary tools to move beyond your limiting beliefs by identifying distractions that prevent you from producing the results you want. This is a powerful, 'no nonsense' approach that will provide you with the tools to facilitate breakthroughs in yours, a participant's or client's life.

Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Self Reliance - This session delves into the concept of self reliance at an advanced level, looking at how your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs can affect your ability to make decisions and/or take action that will be independent of fears, past experiences, and limitations. Self reliance is initiative. It starts with initiative and ends with initiative. Breaking through the limiting beliefs that inhibit initiative on these three levels creates power and freedom throughout your life.

Learning/Open and Protection/Closed Communication - You will learn the concepts of 'Protection' - not being able to shift awareness or feeling 'stuck' in a single frame of reference, versus 'Learning' – being able to shift awareness and as a result develop insights and alternative frames of reference that create transformational change. Emphasis is placed on learning to understand and recognize what 'learning' looks, sounds and feels like, and how it opens to self-exploration and the ability to realize the full benefit of the teachings they are receiving.

The benefits for each of these course experiences varies. Feel free to contact us and someone will discuss those direct benefits with you.


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