Your Infinite Life | Coaching

Personal & Professional Coaching – a guide to make improvements and upgrades in your life

Coaching sessions are an empowering, precise, and highly effective method for those seeking one-on-one guidance in both the personal and professional aspects of life.

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Executive & Leadership Coaching – Striving for Excellence in All Levels of Leadership

The common trait of great leaders is an eagerness to continually evaluate, improve and renew their leadership. An essential part of leadership and talent development is skill focused one-on-one coaching. We assist business leaders and executives to further develop their social, emotional and communicative leadership skills.

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Mastery Mentorship Coaching Program – Develop mastery with who you want to be and what you want to create in life

Would you like to have the skills and knowledge to achieve the level of mastery that allows you to accomplish goals at a level of leadership you usually only read about? Would it be helpful to master the leadership ability to detach and let go while remaining caring and loving for the purpose of guiding others to operate from their highest abilities?

Your Infinite Life’s Mastery Mentorship Coaching Program is a tailor made coaching program designed to assist you in improving the relationships in all areas of your life, and creating the life, career, and level of leadership you desire. The Mastery Mentorship Coaching Program provides tools to eliminate unproductive behaviors and teaches skills to determine your next steps in life, as well as the ability to let go of all that stands in the way of those goals. Letting go/detaching is a key component to mastery and often misunderstood. You will learn to understand this key.

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Coach Certification - learn methods of coaching and develop your own techniques

The Coaching Certification Program teaches aspiring coaches to listen actively, ask powerful questions and be compassionately direct. The certification process produces confident coaches who create confident clients. This confidence is vital to the realization of your clients’ dreams and desires.

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