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Most dreams are built on the shoulders of the people before that built a dream. Such is the case for Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company. Bill Riedler founded Global Relationship Centers in 1975. In 1995, he became my mentor, teacher and guide through the challenging times I was experiencing all the way through to the fruition of MY dream. Bill taught thousands of us to rise up to the best version of ourselves, he taught us to push through fears, he taught us to uphold our intentions, he taught us to keep our word, he taught us much more; these are the highlights.

In 2005, he decided to have a succession plan and asked that I learn the company from the inside out, so that I could run the company when he retired with his wife, Beth. By that time, I was running my own Center, teaching courses and training Center Owners. I thought I had learned a lot from him before! My learning and training from the inside out seemed to grow exponentially. On May 4, 2006, Bill Riedler passed away from complications from cancer.

I remember asking him before he died to not die until I was ready. Well, I was mad for awhile during my sadness because I did not feel ready to step into the role of running the company along with Beth. Thank goodness for his teachings and my learning because we held on magnificently while upholding the legacy.

On January 1, 2008, I became the sole owner of Global Relationship Centers. For the next year, I failed and succeeded in so many different ways. One of the main things I learned from Bill, was to take something and make it my own. He would teach us how to do that with Global's mission. So for the first year, that was my goal. On January 1, 2009, I changed the name to Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company as the fruition of what Bill's legacy was and to honor the message he taught me and so many - to follow your dreams, to chase your passion, to never give up and to own (be responsible for) its expression.

So now, Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company is the journey of many people, all connected, longing to experience the infinite within the confines of the finite self. We serve to move people to become and manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams. We encourage leadership qualities as well as the collaboration of following and teamwork. Our leaders challenge the status quo. We consistently guide people to connect or reconnect to the depth and complexity of their humanness. We dare to assess the sacredness of each individual soulful life with the depth, value and reverence necessary to lend the ordinary extraordinary meaning. We assist people to discover, honor and express their magnificence.

What is magnificence? Magnificence is much more than that moment of experiencing your greatness, although that is magnificent. Magnificence is that moment you feel angry and rather than hurting someone, instead treat him or her with firm kindness. Magnificence is when you feel hurt and allow yourself to feel the feelings from your tender heart, rather than just telling someone how he or she hurt you. Magnificence is when you are afraid, and allow your body to feel the fear with an open heart, and then go for it! Magnificence is feeling sad, while knowing that you deeply care. Magnificence is committing to a life of learning and a willingness to look inside to find answers that may have been hidden. Magnificence is learning to be at ease with making mistakes, and learning to love and be loved unconditionally. These lofty goals require commitment, dedication and a lot of practice! Your Infinite Life will move you to that level of commitment, dedication and the desire to practice.

We believe that immersing yourself in an intensely loving, compassionate learning environment with a variety of unique tools is the best way to actually make the changes you desire.

Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company is a fiercely compassionate organization dedicated to assisting people to discover, honor and express the best version of themselves. We provide comprehensive programs that will benefit your life, your relationships and your actions, in practical and applicable ways.

We guide people on their quest to experience themselves as magnificent, thereby being able to more efficiently and effectively fulfill their desires, remember their true essence and take action according to their highest purpose. In order to assist you in accomplishing these goals, we hold weekend courses, mastery training workshops, personal coaching and weekend-long quest retreats.

Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company is a leader in the industry of facilitating emotional intelligence. We have a proven record of assisting individuals, schools and organizations to develop a strong self-awareness and deeper understanding of themselves enabling growth in the areas of effectiveness, confidence, productivity and connection.