Your Infinite Life | Testimonials


"I am part of a community, a loving and accepting circle of support that I know will always have my back. What I learnt about myself and the people around me has definitely left a powerful impact on my life. I am full of gratitude to everyone who made this weekend possible and am charged with spirit to spread all that I learned to the world with love ❤️! I can’t wait to come back and grow more!”


"I always wonder why anybody would not consider going - that one weekend when I was a student changed my life! I left feeling happier, having more courage, seeing the beauty in myself and the people I knew, my relationship with my husband of 30 years was totally renewed -!!!! It is a room where all the people support you , no one judges you, it is a different and fun - if anyone is considering going - just go and give yourself one of the best gifts on this planet !! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!”


"Each experience has provided me with tools that I needed to create the life I've always dreamed of. I keep going back because each time I receive more inspiration and clarity.
Today, although life is still somewhat challenging, I feel equipped and empowered to handle difficult situations with grace and confidence. I have learned to measure myself more honestly and relate to others more authentically. All of my relationships are healthier.
I did not realize how much more fulfilling my life could be until I tried something new. I really enjoy learning and growing with the support of this incredible group!”


"The Remembrance Course truly changed my life. It gave me the strength and courage and confidence to make monumental decisions and changes in my life. People have commented on numerous occasions about my light and attitude and aura since attending the course. I honestly believe everyone present that weekend gave me the confidence and courage to show people my magnificence. More importantly, I have the ability to see it for myself. I'll never be able to thank you enough!!"