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I facilitate the Remembrance Course because that course rocked my world—in all good ways—16 years ago. I became a better parent, a better spouse, and a better nurse to my patients when I was able to clear away some of the emotional clutter that was making life so much harder than it had to be. And I continue to teach the course because it is the most healing thing I do. We have an amazing assistant team in Tallahassee, and I always consider it a privilege to occupy the loving space that they create for our courses.

I am a nurse by training, with both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing. I’ve been a nurse all of my professional life, initially specializing in emergency and trauma nursing, though I have spent the past 2 decades assisting people with managing their pain physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I’ve been a Remembrance Course instructor since 2004—it never ceases to amaze me what this course can do to transform lives and families! Now in Tallahassee, Florida, for the past 25 years, I am mother of a son, Robert, 26 and a daughter, Julia, 23, both of whom attended the course in their teen years. My husband of 27 years, Lonnie, is a former instructor of the course and continues to be an avid supporter of this work.


I have proudly been an instructor since 2004. I wholeheartedly believe in the vision, mission and methodology of this company, and consider it my absolute privilege to contribute to others in support of each and every person knowing their innate magnificence. Your Infinite life Training & Coaching Company has been the source of both my personal and professional journey to knowing and appreciating who I am, what I am capable of and connecting with my passions and purpose.

A world of people living in alignment to their purpose and value is the one I want for my children and the youth of the world. I believe these courses are the road to making that world a reality. In addition to the work I do with Your Infinite Life, I also hold a Masters of Business Administration and Bachelors in Mathematics. For the past 20+ years I have been involved in school leadership and in 2009, dream in hand, moved my family across the country to Encinitas, California to start a kindergarten through eighth grade Montessori school.

That school started with kids in a garage and has grown to a community of 70 students in three buildings. My strength in the field of Education and Consulting comes not only from my background in school leadership, but also from a variety of other additional certifications and trainings including; Certified Corporate Empowerment Consultant, a Certified Parent Educator and Parent Educator Trainer.

My love of people and the courage that it takes to navigate the journey of life is the basis for all that I do, with adults and children alike. I am blessed to be doing what I love!


I became a coach and instructor to be a resource for people finding more inner peace and fulfillment in their lives. I am passionate about people's conversations and connections and love providing tools for growth and self-awareness. I have been teaching leadership and communication classes with Achieve Global certification for 15 years and was craving more. I became a certified coach through Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company and am a certified instructor for The Remembrance Course. This course completely changed my inner dialogue and created a lot of expansion for me. It’s very rewarding to be in service for others in the course room.

I graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in Biology and began teaching science to High School students immediately after graduation. My life as a parent took a drastic turn when our son at the age of 7 was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a condition that is life threatening and requires constant daily attention. I became active in our local JDRF community and started an outreach program to connect and support others that are living with this autoimmune condition. This journey has taught me a lot about presence and perseverance.

In 2016, my husband and I began our own coaching company Clarity Path Coaching. We have been in San Diego for 20 years. I love spending time with my husband and two children, reading, being in nature and practicing yoga.


Born and raised in the Netherlands, I have lived and worked all over the world for the past 27 years, living in 3 continents and four USA states.

I have a B.S.C. and R.D. degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a marketing degree. After college, I worked for Numico in the Netherlands and in South Africa for Unilever, both in international food marketing. After moving to Florida, and by then a mother of 3, I realized that is was time for a change in me, and an upgrade of my parenting skills. Via my neighbor and dear friend I rolled into the, for me unknown, world of personal development, and I never left.

During my first course, a new realm of possibilities and a new way of looking at me, my married life, and parenthood opened up for me. After being a student and assistant in all the courses, I wanted to learn all there was to learn and decided to go back to school and became a certified instructor for the Remembrance Course in 2004. Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company is really the School of Life, as it helps people to enjoy and face life in all its glory. I love teaching because it gives me the humbling responsibility to guide students to further discover their self in all its glory. In 2006, I also certified as instructor for the Instructor Training. Ever since, I have assisted in developing the instructor training program and the business programs.

I have always been passionately active in each school our children attended, most recently as board member and PA president at North Shore Country Day School, in Winnetka, Illinois. I am happily married to Dirk and together we just started our journey of empty nesting. Our awesome, multicultural, bilingual, dual nationality children, Floris, Sara and Maurits attend college at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

Looking back at our wonderful life so far, I am in such gratitude for the places we have lived, the people that crossed our path, and the life lessons learned. I am thankful for the global perspective and the true notion of oneness it gave me.


Coaching is both an occupation and a calling for me. I coach to witness and experience both connection and growth. Through coaching, my clients find that they are able to evoke deeper connection within their relationships. While witnessing my clients take steps towards transformation I become more compassionate, accepting, and connected to my client as well as my sense of self. Few professions task the practitioner with ongoing self-development and I revere working in this arena.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and am a Masters Degree Candidate in Marriage and Family Therapy at The University of San Diego. As a former massage therapist, I acquired 1000 hours of education in massage therapy and holistic health. My background in the healing arts has influenced a mind, body, and spirit perspective when coaching clients.

I completed the Your Infinite Life Certified Coach training in 2014. Presently, I work as a Family Coach, am the founder of The Attuned Family and am a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee at a K-12 school in San Diego where I provide counseling to children, adolescents, and their families. I live in Solana Beach, CA with my three children.


Of the many adventures I've been on in my life including living in 11 states, attending a Police Academy, Culinary School, Business Management Program and Acting, I found my true calling somewhat by chance.

In 1989, I took my first personal development course. The course had an immense impact on my life. I witnessed one by one, each of my fellow participants transforming through the healing process that was this course.

After being involved for three years as a volunteer, I realized the passion I had for it and decided to train to teach the course. The program was an intense and rigorous two year training that involved class time, course room time, student teaching, study, testing and in depth personal transformation.

Over the next 24 years, I have had the honor of teaching hundreds of students as well as eventually training new instructors of the program. I spent an additional four years in training myself to teach several of the other courses offered by the company.

I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia and have one grown, successful daughter who is a designer for a hotel chain as well as a Veteran of the US Navy.

It's always hard to say the exact impact that one has on someone's life, but I'm happy to have reached others in such a way that has me part of this life and world-changing mission.


Back in 1995 my wife and I took our first course. It was and remains the most eye-opening experience of my life. We both agree that it saved our marriage and that we could love each other for who we are, without blame and recrimination. By Saturday night I told her that I could see myself teaching this course. After almost three years of rigorous training, I did become an instructor and have been teaching ever since.

As a social worker whose entire professional life has been dedicated to improving the circumstances of society and individuals, this course is a natural fit. Nothing has come close to the wonderful feeling of serving others and by extension, serving the world, than teaching.

My time as the administrator of a large human service agency involved in protecting children and adults from abuse and exploitation, among other things gave me the opportunity to positively affect public policy. After retirement from this aspect of public service, I ran a local agency dedicated to the treatment and prevention of AIDS. This was when the epidemic was still killing so many good people and we were able to expand services to many patients who were marginalized in our society and to bring needed prevention and education to our community at large.

Before retiring in early 2016, I was the Patient Advocate for a hospital. It was there that I began helping people who were nearing death, and those who were grieving the loss of loved ones. I also helped patients in need of kidney transplants, get and keep these vital organs. In the meantime I remained active in Child Protection and other community organizations.

My four adult daughters all have followed in the path of service and each give me great pride. We recently moved to St. Augustine, FL, to be closer to grandchildren. What an adventure, moving after 40 years in one place! Living what I teach means trying out new things while remembering those things that make me unique and magnificent in my own way.


I love the work of Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company, finding it so effective and enriching that I was inspired to become an instructor for Freedom to Be: An Embracing Life Experience and The Remembrance Course: A Journey to Magnificence. I also serve as the Executive Director of The Peaceful Project, the non-profit wing of Your Infinite Life. Since 2000, I have provided coaching, professional development workshops, parenting courses, and a variety of experiential conferences and seminars through my company, Whole Hearted Parenting.

With a Master of Science in Education degree as well as undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Computer Science, I have had multiple career paths. I worked in several therapeutic fields – as a counselor in the correctional system, in a residential drug treatment program, and in a psychiatric facility – before becoming a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator. After retiring from the field of dance, I worked for ten years in IT, chiefly in the airline industry. I find that each path has made an important contribution to my current work with Your Infinite Life.

A Florida native, I now live with my husband, Bill, and daughter, Madeleine, along with our sweet herd of animals in the wide open space of New Mexico, which is gorgeous and enchanting.


I teach the Remembrance Course because it makes me happy and I care deeply about the human race. At the end of a weekend, I love to see people connecting because they have all experienced a life-changing event together. Being in service and contributing to others achieving their dreams fills my heart. Everyone deserves to have a community where they are seen as special and unique in all their "flawsomeness" (We all have flaws and we are also still awesome).

I have worked as physical therapist for over 24 years and also have a Masters Degree in Social Work. Teaching the Remembrance course since 2009 is a strong passion of mine. I also enjoy learning about energy medicine and holistic health.

St. Louis is my home where I live with my three-year old daughter. We both love to travel. My passport has been stamped a few more times than her, but I am sure she will catch up with me some day.


I teach and coach because of my love for kids and my commitment to make this world a better place for our future generations.

For the past 25 years, I have been a parent educator and family coach and 12 years ago I became a certified instructor for the Remembrance and Freedom to Be course . I live in Cardiff, Ca and have 4 incredible sons, 4 awesome daughters-in-law, and 8 amazing and spirited grandchildren. I am blessed!

My journey in parent education began growing up in a family with 10 kids, which gave me a lifelong foundation of and reference to family love and dynamics. During my University years, I was an athlete (volleyball) and studied toward a teaching degree. The arrival of our oldest son put my teaching ambitions on hold for a while but being a mom of four brought me back to it.

I learned a lot from my life in the limelight, it first threw me for a loop, not knowing who to be in the fast pace media frenzy NBA world. After the birth of my first child I got back into my own, taking care of myself, managing a family, not letting it take over, and simply wanting to be a good mom.

I took my first parenting course when my sons were becoming teens, looking for tools to better guide them. A colleague then told me that I would be good at teaching this and so I became a fulltime parenting-educator. 25 years later I can’t imagine not teaching.

One of the requirements for becoming a parenting educator was taking the then called Understanding Yourself and Others, the Remembrance course. I did the other courses as well and assisted for a while when some close friends told me that I would be good at teaching this. That was the exciting start of an intense time of soul searching and growth. I certified for the Remembrance Course, Freedom to Be, and train the trainers training, and together with fellow instructors we started organizing courses in San Diego. It was in 2005, in a hot hotel room filled with 23 students and double the amount of assistants that I decided to create my own space for courses; ’Indigo Village’ was born, a one-stop-shop for people looking to enrich their life.

Managing The Village, teaching the courses, doing radio shows and TED-talks, coaching parents and schoolteachers lead to the logical next step, to write about it. My book ‘Key to Personal Freedom (How Myths Affect Our Family Lives)’ sums up the wisdom that I have gained over the years. After the book was published in 2009, I found the courage to write my own curriculum, and with the professional guidance of Pam Dunn, I created my own parenting course ‘Joy of Parenting.’

Parenting courses are the icing on the cake, but it always starts within. Our personal development courses Remembrance and Freedom to Be are the cake, they lay the foundation of who we want to be as a parent. That’s why taking these courses is a mandatory part of The Joy of Parenting and the combination is a very rewarding way to create the desired family dynamic.


I am an individual, small business, and corporate coach and consultant. I focus on recognizing the patterns we all create in our lives and environments, working with clients to optimize healthy patterns and get rid of those that don’t align with their values. I believe that teams are more than a sum of of their parts and that people are more capable than they often realize. My hobbies include reading mysteries, cooking new foods, and looking at pictures of baby animals. I have a degree in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University and live with my family in Saint Louis, MO.


I am a certified Life Coach with Your Infinite Training & Life Coaching Company. I approach life and coaching with a reflective, passionate regard. My love of personal development and my gift of service have led me to this gratifying field of Life Coaching.

I am also a licensed real estate broker, facilities manager and bible study leader, father of three thirty-something’s and a grandfather of one. My own life experiences and training help me to guide clients to see the rewards of enjoying the journey. I practice with the intent to empower my clients rather than train them.

Next to personal coaching, I also practice business leadership consulting to assist business leaders into the paradigm of building trust and mentoring commitment and passion in their teams in lieu of managing and seeking compliant behavior from their staff.


I am a practicing dentist with over 30 years of experience in removable prosthetics near Tallahassee, Florida. After graduating from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Molecular Biology, I attended Emory University Dental School. A product of 3 successful marriages and in an effort by one of my wives to 'fix me' I took my first personal growth course around 2005. I've been involved ever since as both a student and an instructor. There are many things that I've accomplished only because of the personal growth from these experiences. I love learning and am an inspired teacher. I have two grown sons, Brent and Darren and currently live "The Modern Family" TV show with Adriane and Dylan.

The thing I love most about teaching is watching the discovery that goes on in the classroom. I love when something clicks and that 'Ah-ha?! moment' shows up that inspires someone to look at things differently. Often, they are overcome with joy and the relief that there is another way to look at things and that is encouraging. These are often places that also inspire me to see things differently in my own life. These self-discoveries guide me in my own life to know that I have the tools to create the life I want.


Teaching is my second career; I am a trial lawyer and practiced law for over 20 years. My path to teaching began with a life changing hiking experience in 1997 while on an Incan trail in Peru. That adventure woke me up to my desire for a more meaningful life. I began a journey of inward discovery that included taking personal development courses and my life wonderfully improved.

Over the next few years, I became certain that I wanted to teach these same courses to assist others to discover, honor and express their magnificence. While still practicing law, I began my formal training to teach on September 13, 2001. My commitment to teach was immediately tested when all flights were grounded and I had to drive across the country for my first session of a 2-year intensive program. Over time my love of teaching became my singular passion and purpose. I made a huge decision to retire from my law firm and now my career is teaching courses and life coaching.

I value the skills I developed as a lawyer which help me listen and understand complex situations while zeroing in on what is relevant for students to obtain their goals. I am particularly skilled in both logic and emotional intelligence, which provides understanding, perspective, and empathy. I teach the Remembrance Course, Freedom to Be Course as well as Mastery, Coach Certification, and Instructor Training courses. Additionally, I provide life coaching to individuals.

I am also trained to guide people on wilderness expeditions designed to serve as personal quests. I have experience with vision quests, outdoor survival training, outdoor leadership training and spiritually centered wilderness trips. I am a certified Wilderness First Responder through the National Outdoor Leadership School’s Wilderness Medicine Institute, which enables me to manage the risks inherent in wilderness adventures. I love what I do.

Teaching fulfills me and requires incredible responsibility to continuously learn about myself as well as how to teach others. My work takes me throughout the U.S. and my home is in St. Louis, Missouri with my wife, Nikki, and 3 dogs. I also have a son, Henry, who is away at college and knows I have a standing offer to do his laundry to entice him to come home more often.