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“Magnificence is committing to a life of learning and a willingness to look inside to find answers that may have been hidden. Magnificence is learning to be at ease with making mistakes, and learning to love and be loved unconditionally.” - PAM DUNN

Pam Dunn has been a catalyst for transformative learning for more than 20 years. Her dynamic approach to training and development stems from her innate belief that each and every person is magnificent and has a unique gift in their way of being to contribute. It is Pam’s belief that given the right atmosphere, everyone can discover, honor and express their unique contribution in the world with the intention of unleashing their magnificence. Once magnificence is unleashed, one can express themselves in a self reliant, interdependent manner thus benefitting not only the individual, but their family, workplace and community as well. Ms. Dunn has coached, taught and lectured throughout the United States and Europe within corporations, schools, sports teams, government agencies and private organizations. Pam’s ability to get to the root of a situation or challenge, with grace and reverence for those she works with, provides an unparalleled environment for growth and change. Pam’s previous background in the area of executive development with experience in banking, service, retail and sports teams & coaches has provided her with a solid understanding of existing environments and an uncanny ability to gain agreement and buy in from those she works with.

In 2004, Pam authored Journey to Your Soul’s Magnificence – What a Difference a Year Makes, published by Nightingale-Conant. Her second book, It's Time to Look Inside - To see yourself and everyone through the lens of magnificence was released in 2014 and published by Balboa Press. Both works provide the reader with tangible tools and effective practices for positive, sustainable change.

As a means of providing multiple coaching and training platforms, Pam founded Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company, as well as the non-profit division, The Peaceful Project. To date, Your Infinite Life and The Peaceful Project has helped countless humans change their lives for the better.

Pam Dunn is a native of St. Louis, Missouri where she raised three sons.

“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.” - MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.

Feel free to contact Pam at or 636-262-8819